Zabbix software


Zabbix is recognised and popular software allowing enterprises and organisations for permanent supervision of the current availability and efficiency of the IT infrastructure components. Zabbix belongs to the open source solution family (GNU GPL licence), therefore its implementation does not require substantial financial outlays.

The IT services provided by ESKOM include, among other things, implementation of this software, and effective monitoring of the IT infrastructure is one of the elements giving the IT support for companies a comprehensive dimension. Possibility of full operation control translates into such benefits as faster reaction to adverse events and, in consequence, shorter break period, thus reduced losses.

The Zabbix software is one of responses to the challenges of contemporary IT, as it allows for virtually unlimited collection of data from the network. High efficiency of real time monitoring makes it possible to supervise even tens of thousands virtual machine servers and network devices at the same time. Due to automatized and programmable operations, the service is simple, regardless of the scale of supervised infrastructure.

technologia-ZabbixIn addition to collection and transfer of data, Zabbix allows to visualise them in several manners. These functions cover, among other things, various maps, charts, etc. created. This is supplemented with useful data analysis options, supporting diagnosis of potential problems in supervised devices, applications or websites and, in consequence, prevention of possible failures and breaks in services. Zabbix is also a useful tool in terms of use of resources and planning of their extension due to possible observation of trends in their use.

On the other hand, detection of any anomaly in operation of the network and equipment supervised by Zabbix will allow to immediately alert the IT support about it – by a text message or electronic mail, making it possible for the business to function safely 24 hours a day, in case of both small companies with one server and global organisations with a number of offices or divisions spread across several continents.

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Developed based on materials made available by Zabbix.