Zabbix-partnerESKOM implements the software by Latvian Zabbix, a recognised producer of solutions aimed at extensive IT infrastructure monitoring.

Engineers in the ESKOM team possess appropriate qualifications and experience to implement the software developed by Zabbix for the purposes of enterprises of various sizes, consequently allowing constant monitoring of the networks, servers and each and every other device in an enterprise.

Zabbix focuses on creating and refining the solutions rendering IT resource monitoring available and operable for everyone who needs it. Their standard product, bearing the same name as the company, is one of the most popular open source solutions of that sort throughout the world – thousands of enterprises and organisations employ it in their everyday operation.

Its functions include:

  • network monitoring
  • server monitoring
  • application monitoring
  • website monitoring

The solutions provided by Zabbix owe their popularity to several undisputable merits, including full scalability, high efficiency, operability and low maintenance costs.

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Developed based on materials made available by Zabbix.