We maintain SLA levels while working remotely

We maintain SLA levels while working remotely Dear Sir or Madam,

In response to the threat of coronavirus pandemic,
ESKOM IT Sp. z o.o. launched an action based on protocols prepared in the event of a crisis.

For several days, our employees have been successfully working remotely, which allows us to take care of their health and life,
while maintaining developed standards of operation so that our services are not interrupted or disrupted.

In our message we confirm that we are at your disposal at all times. In accordance with the currently adopted standards
and recommendations for maintaining health, we offer remote meetings (teleconferences or videoconferences).
We are available via phone and e-mail and other tools with which we provide user support services.

We maintain a high level of services unchanged, we respond in accordance with the time defined in our SLA, we collect and service applications around the clock and deliver orders as soon as possible, as products are available from our business partners and suppliers.

At the same time, we are ready to respond to new challenges and address your needs arising from the crisis in which we have all found ourselves.

Yours faithfully,
The Management Board of ESKOM IT Sp. z o.o.