Symfonia database cloud backup

SAGE-partner-2Symfonia database cloud backup is an ESKOM service directed to enterprises using Sage Symfonia software in their business activity. Within Symfonia, data is formed of critical significance for the maintenance of business continuity.

Its protection should then become one of the priorities since the risk of loss of information on accounting or stored resources results in the threat of stoppage and – in consequence – financial loss.

Symfonia database backup in the BaaS model

Database cloud backup is a reliable and entirely safe alternative for enterprises and institutions that do not invest in their own backup centre and seek a secure, flexible, effective as well as inexpensive way to protect critical information. The cloud solution developed by ESKOM offered in the BaaS (Backup as a Service) model is fully adjusted to make backup copies and recover data from the databases of Symfonia – software by the Sage company, a many-year ESKOM partner. An efficient and safe (encrypted) data migration to the cloud is ensured by the HPE Connected Backup solution provided by our another, technological partner – Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

The physical basis for the protection where your data will be stored is the ESKOM server room, secured with a range of essential protection measures (e.g. Internet connection diversification and emergency power supply system). Taking into consideration the current rate of data accumulation within organisations, ESKOM can adjust HDD capacity to your current needs and consequently give you flexibility, so much needed for optimal development.


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