Security of information and processing of personal data

Managing information security and personal data protection represents a series of tasks, starting from drafting of relevant policy and procedures, which outline a given manner of conduct, through definition and implementation of protection standards, all the way up to shaping attitude and conduct within Organisation. The objective is to minimize risk - and in particular, the risk pertaining to data loss or theft. At stake is victory in the race - better and better protection mechanism vs better and better breaking-in techniques… The race is accelerating and only the best wins. Hence, it’s worth giving it a try and avail of ESKOM expertise.

How to enhance your personal data and information security?

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GDPR audit

We shall check whether all that is needed is right in place, make our recommendations, implement documentation based on risk analysis and required by relevant legal provisions, and subsequently, we shall engage in providing training to the staff members of your esteemed Organisation (we suggest e-learning model, which is easy for implementation, easy to get going and effective in practice).

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Implementation of Information Security Policy

We shall devise and implement relevant documentation, as required by legal provisions and compliant with ISO standards and good business practice, both, in the scope of information security, and in personal data processing (in particular, with respect to password policy, access control, authorization patterns for processing data, instruction of conduct in cases of infringements of data protection etc.).

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Sociotechnical tests

We shall verify the propensity of your Organisation to assaults using sociotechnics. It is estimated that currently such attacks are among the most popular of methods used by hackers. By availing of our know-how in social psychology and in IT field, we shall pinpoint the areas in need of improving security and respective procedures.

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Data Protection Inspector Service DPI

We are providing security of personal data protection by your esteemed Organisation. DPI service is directed to, both, Organisations, which in observance of the legal provisions, are obliged to appoint DPI, and to those seeking the right measures to ensure maximal security of information.

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Implementation of Business Continuity Planning

We shall set your Organisation ready for crisis situations, by availing of the best business practices and some abundant experience in provising crisis management services. We shall perform a comprehensive analysis of the market and an analysis of the influence of events on business actions, and then, we shall devise detailed scenarios of action.

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What do you gain by commissioning to us the above services?

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Service care 24 hours a day
7 days a week, 365 days a year

Our engineers are in place to take care of the IT processes and infrastructure of your esteemed Organisation, thus facilitating to preserve stability and continuity of operation of network infrastructure, minimizing downtime in an eventuality of failure, and ensuring rapid diagnosis of situation and problem solving.

Control over budget time and resources savings

Control over budget
time and resources savings

You save your money and time dedicated otherwise to recruiting highly qualified professionals. You’ve got complete control over your budget – our experts are here to provide you with precisely priced service.

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Independent expert opinion,
unbiased recommendations

Availing of services provided by entity independent of your esteemed Organisation, you can be certain of that, the conclusions and recommendations presented in our reports provide unbiased overview on the factor of your corporate security.

Top quality and security

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