ESKOM has developed a partnership with Sage, the leading producer of software for enterprise resource management (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning).

Sage is currently among the first three largest providers of this kind of solutions to organisations of various sizes worldwide. As for providing solutions and services for small enterprises, the company has been the undisputed leader for many years now. At present, the most popular Sage solutions available on the Polish market are Sage Symfonia and Sage Symfonia ERP.

ESKOM as Sage partner – licences, implementation and related IT services

As an experienced Sage partner, ESKOM has successfully provided licences for Symfonia software for years and implements them with particular care for the specific needs of its Clients. This is accompanied by specialised IT services and solutions related to the Sage products, such as:

  • input of Symfonia in the cloud,
  • Symfonia virtualisation,
  • Symfonia database cloud backup,
  • Symfonia application monitoring,
  • consultations and trainings.

Sage Group PLC, Sage Sp. z.o.o. in Poland, was found in 1981. The chief object of the company’s activity is providing enterprises with the ERP software and solutions supporting their business activity. Sage signature products can be found for instance in distribution, production, building industry and the third sector (non-profit organisations). The total number of Sage users amounts to millions, and Sage solutions are employed in 25 countries on 5 continents. The company is traded on London Stock Exchange, where it belongs to the companies making up FTSE 100.

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