Remote support

The ESKOM remote support service as dedicated for the enterprises and institutions interested in establishing permanent co-operation based on the capacity of our ESKOM engineering team to access their devices on a remote basis.

The aim of such activity is to provide support in solving various problems that emerge when working both on desktop computers (workstations) and on mobile devices used by employees fulfilling their tasks outside the office. Such comprehensive form of IT care is founded on simple principles and all you have to do is contact a support team on duty.

Professional assistance every time you need

Unexpected problems that crop up while working on hardware or software may not only cause delays in task performance by individual members of your organisation, but in extreme case also stop the processes crucial to your business activity. Specialist, remote assistance offered by ESKOM can efficiently eliminate the risk of such unpleasant consequences by allowing you to use professional assistance wherever you are, any time.

Such assistance is based on simple principles – one phone call is all you need to set an appointment with a specialist for a date convenient for everyone. Before using the service, you must download Team Viewer (links to the program below) and run it. At the set appointment time, during a phone call, you must download the installation identifier and one-time password generated by the program. With this data, the ESKOM specialist will remotely access your device and you will be able to follow all the steps taken to solve the proble “on air”. No one can access your computer without you by means of a changing one-time password.

The links to download the program are provided below:

downloadPC version (Windows)

DownloadVersion for mobile devices with the Android system

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