Proofpoint-LogoESKOM is a partner of Proofpoint, the undisputable leader in providing solutions for protection of e-mail against spam or viruses, e-mail encryption and e-mail back-up.

The SEG technology employed by Proofpoint, operating beyond the simple classification of received correspondence into valid and spam, distinguishes various forms of spam as well, which allows to create a much more precise policy of dangerous and unwanted mail management.

For many years, the producer has been dubbed the leader in terms of Secure Email Gateways and Enterprise Information Archiving by Gartner. Clients’ references confirm the high quality of Proofpoint products as well.

Proofpoint also operates within the area of protection of mobile devices against dangerous applications or suspicious access points and in the area of protection related to the use of social media in organisations.

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Developed based on materials made available by Proofpoint.