Nagios software

Nagios-partnerSolutions developed by Nagios allow companies and other organisations to conduct effective and comprehensive IT infrastructure monitoring. The IT monitoring built on their basis secures the most important processes in business or public activities against unwanted events and their consequences, such as work standstills, thus providing the sense of security and stability to employees at any level.

Basic functions of software delivered by Nagios:

  • monitoring – supervision of key IT environment components, including, but not limited to: system indices, applications, servers and network monitoring.
  • alerting – sending notifications to administrators in case of failures of critical elements of the infrastructure or other events important from the point of view of operating continuity. Alerts can be delivered via electronic mail, text messages or scripts.
  • responding – the IT support can be alerted immediate when problems arise in the supervised environment and they can start the troubleshooting process on the spot. Alerting can be extended to other groups if acknowledgement of report is not provided within the specified time.
  • reporting – providing data on breaks, events or notifications generated by the system, allowing for, inter alia, verification if the conditions of the contract regarding guaranteed level of services (SLA) are met.
  • maintenance – scheduled breaks prevent generation of alerts during maintenance or update activities carried out on the operating system.
  • planning – effective IT infrastructure monitoring entails also knowledge about trends in use of its resources and, thus, making decisions on its extension before any problems connected with overload or insufficient disk space can arise.

Particular Nagios products and their intended application:

Nagios-technologiaNagios XI – comprehensive, very flexible and configurable tool for IT monitoring with alert function. High usefulness and simplicity of operation allow for effective supervision over the IT environment in the times of increasing expectations of the organisations.

Nagios Core – the flagship product belonging to the open source solution family, translating in reduction of the total cost of ownership of the IT monitoring system. It allows for comprehensive monitoring of the IT infrastructure or its particular elements and triggers alarms in case of any complications in their operation.

Nagios Log Server – solution created to collect, store and analyse data regarding logs. Configuration according to own needs and preferences allows to obtain full insight into operation of the network infrastructure.

Nagios Network Analyzer – allows for proactive network monitoring due to data flow and network traffic analysis functions. The information obtained this way allow to ensure security of operation of the network infrastructure due to projection of possible problems (e.g. throughput) and, thus, provide time to undertake actions preventing their occurrence.

Nagios Fusion – solution for virtualisation of the operating state of all or particular components of the organisation’s IT environment. Accessibility and transparency of form allows for faster identification of areas where problems can occur and, in consequence, more effective counteracting.

Nagios Incident Manager – very useful monitoring tool, allowing to manage incidents in the IT infrastructure. This allows the teams and particular persons to track problems directly and solve them quicker and more effectively.

Nagios Reactor – software created for automation of repair activities in case of adverse events. When properly configured, it allows to perform a number of repair activities without necessary physical participation of personnel supervising the system.

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Developed based on materials made available by Nagios.