Managing applications

ESKOM targets its service of managing application environments to clients seeking expert care, dedicated commitment and a sense of security in the course of implementing changes into their current environment, and when brand new services are installed. Professional assistance makes it possible for clients to focus exclusively on the essentials of functionality of the very applications, which shall operate proficiently and efficiently when it comes to accomplishing key business processes.

Our offer includes the following elements:

Installing applications and services

  • Installing https type services and application services.
  • Installing data base servers.
  • Installing catalogue services, email and network services.
  • Installing business applications.

Managing application environment

  • Managing applications, data bases and services.
  • Steady monitoring of logfiles and reporting events.
  • Modifying configuration for the purpose of optimizing performance and stability of environments.

We have at our disposal any required experience and certified engineers, who administer in an optimal manner IIS, Apache, or IBM WebSphere environments and MS SQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle data bases. We take care of maintenance and implementation of MS Exchange and Active Directory based solutions, as well as of OpenSource type products, such as Zimbra and Graylog.


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