IT Services

Server environment

1The server environment is a crucial area in the IT infrastructure. The services it provides are vital for the proper operation and efficiency of business processes in the enterprise.

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Workstation and user environment

2This is an area of high significance when it comes to efficiency and comfort of individual employee actions. Skillful management provides safety and efficiency in fulfilling tasks.

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HelpDesk / ServiceDesk

3User technical support during performance of everyday chores positively affects the reaction time to unexpected events. HelpDesk / ServiceDesk technicians immediately provide problem solutions to restore your company’s proper operation.

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4Network is the basis of every IT infrastructure. Incorrect network operation may result in discontinuing important business processes. It may hinder performing basic procedures, e.g. data backup, or make further work impossible.

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6Continued access to databases plays a significant role in your enterprise operation. Most frequently, it is an information set required for everyday work. Maintaining access to databases in companies has got a high priority.

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Systems Security


Information, right after human capital, constitutes the highest value of every enterprise. Constant safety improvements of systems processing information is a significant factor in protection against unauthorised access. Loss of valuable information may affect the enterprise’s operation.

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Information Security

7First and foremost, security of information and personal data processing includes the procedures that indicate the manner of conduct aimed at minimising the risk of personal data loss or extortion. It also includes the definition of certain security standards and control and monitoring over your infrastructure paying special attention to security.

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Cloud Services


IT services are based on a calculating cloud have the advantage over services based on the traditional IT infrastructure as they enable the organisations to increase flexibility and efficiency of key business processes with simultaneous reducing IT infrastructure operating costs.

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aplikacjeProper use of available applications may considerably improve the business efficiency of your organisation, particularly when several conditions have been met - among others configuration adequate to needs, competent and trained personnel and working continuity.

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