IT Services

IT Infrastructure Management

1Nowadays, reliable and efficient IT services are a must in every single area of activity. For these to be provided at an appropriate level, what’s needed, apart from proper infrastructure, are engineers, experts operating in specific areas, engaged in managing IT environment.

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HelpDesk / ServiceDesk

3Technical assistance provided to users in performing everyday activities translates into rapid reaction to unexpected turns of events. Service desk department staff are there to fix your problem in no time, so that you may enjoy corporate functionality as soon as possible.

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Security of information and processing of personal data

bezpieczenstwo-informacji-abiManaging information security and personal data protection represents a series of tasks, starting from drafting of relevant policy and procedures, which outline a given manner of conduct, through definition and implementation of protection standards, all the way up to shaping attitude and conduct within Organisation.

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Hosting and Cloud Services


IT infrastructure is part and parcel of virtually every business, but buying and maintaining it generates high costs. IT services are based on a calculating cloud have the advantage over services based on the traditional IT infrastructure.

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aplikacjeOdpowiednie wykorzystanie dostępnych aplikacji może znacząco wpłynąć na podniesienie efektywności biznesowej organizacji, zwłaszcza jeżeli zostanie spełnionych kilka warunków, adekwatna do potrzeb konfiguracja, kompetentna i przeszkolona obsługa oraz bezpieczeństwo i ciągłość pracy.

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IT Experts Outsourcing

icon outsourcing it

Outsourcing of staff consists in entrusting to an external partner different kind of tasks and projects by delegating staff for accomplishing them.

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