IT Infrastructure Monitoring

IT Service Description

The service consists in constant monitoring and control over your IT infrastructure and taking adequate steps should events disturbing proper system operation occur. The monitoring may cover all aspects of your system operation, which may be inspected automatically (from power availability levels to business process verification).

Service Components

•    Network monitoring
•    Internet access monitoring
•    Server availability monitoring
•    Service availability monitoring
•    Defined process operation monitoring
•    Response to events according to preset rules
•    Informing the client about occurring events

The infrastructure can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Benefits for the Client

The monitoring of IT infrastructure operational continuity allows us to respond to occurring events quickly. The system sends proper alerts to our IT technicians. Thanks to this solution we cut the stoppage time of failing infrastructure, systems or applications. The system facilitates diagnostics of infrastructure problems, and thus shortens the time required to respond to the failure and remove it. The operational continuity of critical systems in an enterprise is crucial. Moreover, the infrastructure monitoring involves monitoring of printer and copier consumables. This allows to avoid running out of toner or paper when you need it. Each and every stoppage caused by a failure or lack of consumables means a considerable loss for your enterprise. The implementation of IT infrastructure monitoring systems helps reduce the operating expense.


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