IT in insurances – GIGACON, Warsaw 2017

This is already the 16th edition of the conference devoted to the computerisation of the insurance sector. The sector which faces difficult challenges in the area of computerisation, digitisation and adjustment of solutions to the expectations of a transforming market. After the period of competition with price and product, the market became relatively uniform – the insurers are left to fight with the so-called Customer Experience – namely, the efficiency of processes and quality of customer service. This is a field dominated by technology. Our vice-president – Dariusz Jankowski – was one of the lecturers at the conference.


Our employees have got experience both on the side of provider and Client – therefore, we understand the needs of the market better and we decided to present a hyper-convergent SimpliVity Platform for virtual environments, the key feature of which is deduplication of data on the fly. If an insurance company employs this solution, it will gain the following: reduction in costs of IT environment management – both CAPEX and OPEX – acceleration of virtual environment management processes, control over data and easy scaling as well as business growth. It is a solution that should be introduced in every insurance company.