Identity and system access management

Identity and access management introduces order and clear procedures for granting rights to users from particular position groups. ESKOM can ensure that the staff using the IT infrastructure of an organisation will perform their tasks in line with their position profile which will enhance their efficiency as well as reduce the costs of IT environment operation.

Controlled user rights and responsibility

ESKOM can manage access and identity in a manner which provides you with a central system operated by an experienced administrator that can develop advanced access rules and groups according to their position profile or department. This allows for exact definition of what resources can be accessed by particular users and to what extent. Concurrently, this solution allows for access unification which results in that a user needs only to log once to access all programs and applications indispensable for his work.

ESKOM can also provide detailed reports on particular users’ activity in IT environment of an organisation as well as manage the access to peripheral devices which can reduce, for example, the use of consumables for other than corporate purposes. The implementation of this service results in rational IT infrastructure use of an organisation (also in terms of costs).

The service consists of the following activities:

•    maintenance of access control system,
•    management of user accounts according to your policy,
•    account group management,
•    granting and cancelling user account rights,
•    generation of reports on current state of accounts and rights.


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