IBM Informix

IBM-Business-PartnerIBM Informix is a family of database management systems, valued and recognised by specialists for its high efficiency and security with concurrent full scalability.

Continuously improved Informix solutions are able today to fill the gap between relational data and new computing technologies designed for vast amounts of data, clouds and mobile devices.

The Informix databases have been and are successfully used in multiple applications requiring highly effective transaction processing (OLTP), used in retail, financial sector, power engineering, transport and public utility services. Recently, the servers have been also adjusted to support data warehouse loads.

ESKOM has rich and long-term experience within the scope of work with IT systems based on IBM Informix databases.

The IT services offered by the company include comprehensive support for companies and organisations in the following areas:

  • administration (in the IT outsourcing model) of the IBM Informix database environment and operating systems of servers without data.
  • optimisation of server efficiency and Informix databases.
  • safe (loss-free) migration of databases and applications used in business from earlier to latest versions.
  • IT department assistance through trainings of administrators, users and developers whose work involves using IBM Informix.

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Developed based on materials made available by IBM.