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Kompleksowy audyt IT - PDFHewlett-Packard is a company well-known for extremely careful selection of partners in each branch of solutions offered by them. The IT services provided by ESKOM within the scope of cloud computing have been given credit by HPE, resulting in award of two partner statuses to the companies in relation to the cloud: HPE Cloud Service Provider and, first and foremost, HPE Gold Cloud Builder Specialist.

Such a high level of partnership is awarded only to companies possessing sufficient experience and results within the scope of design, implementation and maintenance of solutions and computing environments based on the HPE Cloud. This means that ESKOM can use the range of possibilities offered within the HPE Cloud framework to its fullest, building a public, private or hybrid cloud optimal for the given undertaking, using various models (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS).

The solutions offered by HPE in the scope of cloud computing have been broadly recognised in business. The company has obtained the market leader position in such aspects as building private clouds, and its solutions in cloud creation have been implemented by 37 % enterprises rated in the prestigious list Fortune 100.

HPE Helion - main products and solutions

HP-Helion-logo-2014 HPE Helion is a set of solutions facilitating installation, management and operation in a hybrid IT environment for companies. The HPE Helion portfolio covers a comprehensive offer in this scope, commencing from clouds (public, private or hybrid), through infrastructure, to a many services facilitating operation in the cloud environment (e.g. consulting, training).

Implementation of solutions adjusted to the needs of conducted business will allow to combine benefits and flexibility arising from the cloud itself with possibilities resulting from open software, concurrently preserving full security and protection of undertaken activities.


HPE CloudSystem - solution allowing for automation of service life management for each service in the cloud, from infrastructure to application. It allows to integrate hardware and software capabilities as well as services necessary for performance of fully configured corporate solutions. Built based on the OpenStack technology, it provides common architecture for entire private, public and hybrid clouds.

  • HPE CloudSystem Enterprise - is the most complete, open and integrated solution in the industry, used to build hybrid environments and manage them. Regardless of the delivery method (public, private or both), the clients can quickly design and implement services in the cloud, using multiple platforms and various equipment - tools designed by HPE and open-source community make this flexible approach possible.
  • HPE CloudSystem Foundation - is an ideal starting point for companies that wish to build and manage cloud environments. Solutions created by HPE and open-course community are designed for business that is starting its cloud journey and looking for an option designed for a multi-device and multi-platform reality where today’s IT services operate.
  • HPE Cloud and Automation Software - the software used for cloud automation and management is a set of solutions allowing the companies not only to automatize services, but also fully control the compatible heterogeneous infrastructure with hybrid cloud services.


HP-Cloud-Chmura-Partner-ESKOMHPE Helion OpenStack - it is an open and scalable platform for building and use of hybrid clouds. It is a commercial product, designed to provide clients with solutions optimal for their needs, created on the open-source basis - simply in use, maintenance and installation.

The OpenStack itself is a system operating in the cloud environment, allowing to control computing power, memory or network resources. Administrators can control the entire environment, providing users with access to proper resources through the network interface.

  • HPE Helion OpenStack Community Edition - social network edition for entrepreneurs and cloud administrators interested in evaluation, development and implementation of private clouds based on the OpenStack technologies. Using it does not require a licence and translates into acceleration of implementation and simplification of management of open clouds and infrastructural services operating at a small scale.

HPE Helion Managed Cloud

  • Virtual Private Cloud - the virtual HPE private cloud is a solution offering high level of automation and access to application of crucial importance for the enterprise, operating in a fully controlled and safe cloud environment. Cloud customised for the client provides access to the latest services in the cloud, without high total costs of ownership (TCO).
  • Managed Business Applications - management services for business applications

HPE Helion Professional and Financial Services - professional assistance and financial consulting within the framework of HPE Helion are offered in the following scope: development of strategies, application transformation, design, implementation, operation, training and financing.

  • HPE Helion Professional Services (professional HPE Helion assistance) - professionals cooperating with the company will help in defining business needs and determination of proper and efficient combination of traditional IT and cloud, according to their needs. Moving to a cloud can be a great and beneficial change for the enterprise, and professional IT assistance in this scope can be present and provide support at all stages of the change.
  • HPE Financial Services (financial HPE consulting) - properly developed implementation plan for cloud computing solutions allows financial directors of the companies to properly estimate the ratio of incurred outlays and profits gained in the long perspective
  • HPE Helion Education Services (HPE Helion education) - competent experts experienced in cloud operation can support the company’s human resources, preparing the staff for optimal profiting from the cloud implementation, according to the needs of the enterprise.

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Developed based on materials made available by HPE.