HelpDesk (Report Registration System)

Report Registration System is a solution developed for centralised collection of all user reports that enables a monitoring IT expert in an organisation by contact with the HelpDesk not only to immediately react to ensuing problems but also to eliminate them in the future. This is possible as ESKOM is implementing reporting instruments and analyses which allow for collection and systematisation of data regarding organisation’s IT infrastructure. For this reason, it is easier to eliminate the risk of danger recurrence.

Service is available 7 days a week.

HelpDesk – from problem registration to its solution

The registration system is based on common access to this application of both your and ESKOM employees. ESKOM engineers on duty have direct access to reports that are concurrently registered and analysed. The immediate reaction to problems combined with detailed reporting allows for creation of a data base on the Client’s IT environment that can contribute to elimination of unwanted events which can significantly favours fluent and efficient operation of devices and systems.

Procedures in the scope of this IT service:

  • registration of each report in a dedicated system,
  • constant monitoring and modifying of report status,
  • generating of reports acc. to the set parameters,
  • exchange of remarks concerning the problem solution.


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