HelpDesk (Contact centre)

HelpDesk service offered by ESKOM is developed for entities looking for continuous, constantly available support from qualified experts in the field of hardware and software. The ease of service combined with quick reaction and constantly developed knowledge of IT infrastructure in the Client’s organisation, in effect, provides numerous opportunities of service optimisation to the needs of particular business processes.

The service is available on weekdays 8:00-20:00.

HelpDesk – expert support always within your reach

HelpDesk provides you with the sense of reliable, constant support, regardless of interruptions in the process of application or device operation. Whichever contact method you choose (e-mail, telephone, dedicated application) you can always contact an engineer on duty to find a quick and effective solution to any new problems. HelpDesk is also a basic contact centre for queued requests, shutdowns in service availability and maintenance activities in IT environment that are currently in progress.

ESKOM HelpDesk ensures a centralised system of support and access to tested procedures. During the cooperation of ESKOM experts with the Client’s organisation the contact centre collects and analyses all user reports which allows for construction of knowledge base that is useful in problem diagnostics and its elimination. The data collected in this way can reduce the time of solving the recurring problems in IT infrastructure.

Procedures in the scope of this IT service:

  • registration of each report in a dedicated system,
  • telephone registration of reports,
  • order support actions,
  • forwarding the report to the higher level of support in case of inability to provide immediate solution,
  • constant monitoring and modifying of report status.
  • coordination of activities performed by teams and experts dealing with a report,
  • developing a knowledge base from supported reports.


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