Fortinet-FortiGateFortiGate – comprehensive network protection

FortiGate is a solution providing comprehensive protection and, thus, full security of the organisation’s network, without complication of its current structure. The devices manufactured by Fortinet effectively combine functions of multiple tools, such as antivirus, antispam, etc. and such a consolidation makes protection of corporate networks simpler and more effective in terms of costs. Unification of function in a single device eliminates, inter alia, necessity to purchase subscriptions for tool securing against the types of hazards.

Firewall FortiGate – antivirus, antispam and other functions

FortiGate is an integrated firewall based on dedicated hardware solutions (FortiASIC processors), with an own operating system (FortiOS) designed specifically of support of carious security modules. The FortiGate devices available on the market form currently a diversified family of devices, allowing organisations to find solutions optimal for their needs – from small offices, through medium size enterprises, to corporation.

Catalogue of functions the models are equipped with is broad and includes:

  • antivirus – advanced technology ensuring network security against infections, allowing for, for instance, signature or behavioural analysis of hazards,
  • antispyware and antimalware modules – network protection against spyware and malware,
  • network firewall – securing the corporate network against unauthorised access,
  • VPN – possibility to build virtual private networks,
  • intrusion protection – IPS module (Intrusion Prevention System) detecting and blocking these types of activity in real time,
  • corporate wireless network controller – supervises use of business applications and observance of the user access levels,
  • application control – allows to analyse applications used on terminal devices, blocking installation/use of harmful software, if needed.
  • network protection against information leaking – proper module monitoring flow of data of special (confidential) significance for the organisation,
  • IPv6 service – the FortiGate solutions are also fully adjusted to operate with the newest address pool,
  • web filtering – tools limiting use of the Internet, aimed at, for example, increased productivity of employees and maintenance of the connection throughput,
  • antispam – stopping unwanted correspondence and elimination of access to hazardous contents through it.

In addition to the enumerated functions, there is also many other capabilities provided by FortiGate, including, but not limited to, support and security of Internet telecommunication (VoIP) as well as possibility to establish the principles and implement security policy in organisations where the employees perform tasks by means of their own devices (laptop, tablet, etc.). This is supplemented with support and full protection of the network functioning in the virtualised/hybrid infrastructure which allows to use its advantages with no fear about security of corporate data.

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Developed based on materials made available by Fortinet.

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