Contract worth PLN 4.2 million with PGL State Forests for ESKOM

On 18 July 2019, the IT Department of State Forests signed a contract worth gross PLN 4.2 million with ESKOM for “Renewal of licence and expansion of the VMWARE virtualisation environment in data processing centres of PGL State Forests.” As a result, PGL State Forests became another Client of ours.

Contract worth PLN 4.2 million with PGL State Forests for ESKOM

Under the contract with State Forests, we are responsible for instance for:

  • delivery and deployment of VMware licence;
  • conduction of trainings and workshops;
  • 12-month vulnerability monitoring in terms of security;
  • implementation of microsegmentation, which includes:
    • development of a project on the basis of environment log analysis;
    • installation of NSX manager;
    • installation of VIB modules;
    • configuration: authorisations and security policy for:
      • security groups;
      • security rules;
    • microsegmentation between virtual servers;
    • implementation of the “spoofguard” function, protection against web spoofing and phishing.

Willing to provide our Client with the highest level of service, we expect that the project will be deployed in over 60 days. To make sure that the deployed solution is safe, efficient and stable, our engineers will monitor its vulnerability for the next 12 months as specified in the contract. The entire contract is concluded for 3 years. In that term, apart from the said activities, we will provide support and consulting for the internal IT Department of the Client.

It is worth noting that as VMware parter with the highest – Premier – status as part of the Solution Provider programme, ESKOM has a wide range of competences and a skilled engineering team.