Cisco-partnerESKOM is a partner of Select Cisco (Small and Midsize Business Specialization), a global tycoon in network solutions within the area of both IP-based communication and networks built for the purposes of individual organisations (i.e. public administration and enterprises).

For many years of cooperation, ESKOM engineers have gained valuable experience in implementing Cisco signature technologies for various sorts of business and public entities.

Once one of its pioneers, the Cisco company is one of the greatest leaders in network technologies, the foundation of communication in enterprises, agencies and other organisations in this day and age. The network solutions provided by Cisco (e.g. routers and switches) can now be found in tens of thousands of business or public entities.

Cisco has been operating on the IT market for over 30 years now, and since the very beginning its engineers focused on network solutions, Internet ones in particular (based on IP). Today, Cisco – employing several dozen thousand workers worldwide – still strongly aspires to role of the leader in network technologies, investing billions of dollars in refining its hardware and software offer.

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Developed based on materials made available by Cisco.