Backup and archiving

backupBackup and archiving are key processes today in terms of continuity and effectiveness of operation of IT infrastructure in modern organisations. Nowadays, in the times of increasing significance and avalanches of information, companies and institutions cannot afford bearing too high risk of its loss, and in case of adverse events they need data recovery to allow fast and loss-free restoration of processes important for the conducted activity.

The ESKOM engineers, due to many years of practice and partnership with suppliers of various solutions, can offer a backup system to their Clients which meets their expectations and considers the specifics of the business they conduct. In this scope, the offer covers comprehensive works over the entire system: from collection of requirements, through its design, to implementation and maintenance.

The set of suggested solutions, recommended software and selection of processes (e.g. deduplication, replication of data) will be adequate to the Client’s needs and will allow for safe migration of data from the previously used technologies. To make the protection of organisation’s data comprehensive, ESKOM helps also determine in what way and with what hardware and software options the Client’s data backup and archiving should take place.

Backup – key parameters: RPO and RTO

Two basic parameters are key components of the policy that should be observed when building backup adjusted to the needs and specifics of the given business:

  • RPO (Recovery Point Objective) – defines the moment and frequency of data backup. Depending on the business profile, backup copies can recover data from several days, hours or even minutes and seconds.
  • RTO (Recovery Time Objective) – parameter determining time in which recover of processes, system or applications is possible.


Determining their value, the aim is rational balance between the possible losses and costs of providing solutions allowing for the most reliable and fast recovery of data from before the failure.

Archiving and backup – suggested technologies and solutions

The backup and archiving systems allow to use many hardware and technological options that ESKOM can select properly in a manner corresponding to the needs of their clients. Including, but not limited to:

  • disk backup with deduplication – elimination of repeated elements in data sets (deduplication) allows to save valuable disk space which can be extended due to scalable architecture of the offered hardware options.
  • tools for backup automation and management – configurable software allowing the customers to automatize the method in which backup copies of data are created and recovered. In addition, there is also a set of analytical tools allowing to, for example, check how the system behaves in case of adverse events.
  • tape libraries – optimal and automated data archiving, possible due to application of scalable solutions, allowing to establish hierarchy and store data for a long data, providing also a high level of security (encrypting) for information resources of critical significance for the key business processes.
  • work station backup – corporate class tools used to secure data of employees using mobile devices and remote desktops. Creating backup copies and their migration do not interrupt work.
  • backup in virtualised environments – technologies designed for organisations working with virtualised data centres. Information protection, backup, replication and recovery ensure high standards of continuity and security of work, for example in a cloud ecosystem.

Another issue is the possibility to offer backup to the Clients in the form of a cloud service BaaS – Backup as a Service). The principal idea to providing availability of proper infrastructure and technology which, combined with competences of the engineer team, allows for effective protection of corporate data and continuity of key processes, with no expenses for own equipment and technological resources.