APC – emergency UPS feeders


ESKOM is a partner of APC (American Power Conversion), the leading producer of hardware solutions for enterprises, including devices for IT infrastructure protection against effects of power supply loss or disturbance (e.g. popular Back UPS and Smart UPS units).

Select Partner APC is best proves the expertise of the ESKOM engineering team, who have successfully provided and implemented APC signature solutions to their Clients for many a year.

The mission of APC – today’s business department of Schneider Electric – is to provide the best possible solutions for IT infrastructure protection against data loss, prevent stoppage time and minimise the risk of hardware damage.

APC product families – Back UPS and Smart UPS units among others

The best known area of APC activity are the products and services concerning emergency power supply with AC and DC. The catalogue of solutions in this scope includes the following: impulse wave suppressors, UPS units, power treatment devices, software for power supply management and DC power supply systems. Additionally, the sales offer includes industrial wardrobes, prefabricated data centre modules and infrastructure cooling systems.

The said UPS units are the market segment where APC has been the leader for more than ten years. The company maintains its position thanks to constantly improved products of the Back UPS and Smart UPS unit family, which are relied on by thousands of organisations worldwide.

For complete product catalogue with product codes, visit http://www.apc.com

Developed based on materials made available by APC.