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AcunetixESKOM has been implementing solutions by Acunetix for years, a global leader within the scope of technologies used to provide security of web applications, websites and networks against intrusion and other types of hacking attacks.

In addition to supply of the software, ESKOM’s clients can rely on professional support and configuration of the implemented solutions according to the organisation’s needs.

Acunetix – web application and website protection

Most hacker attacks are currently performed from the Internet application level and websites that often lack proper protection and are available 24 hours a day from any place around the world. Proper technologies can, however, secure and supervise safety of the organisation’s network to protect it against harmful consequences of intrusion. Acunetix offers and has been improving for many years their two flagship solutions designed to improve security in the said areas. These are Web Vulnerability Scanner and Network Security Scanner.

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner – possible solutions

The scanner provided by Acunetix allows to verify if and to what extend the website and Internet applications are secured against network attacks. The scanner carries out autonomous indexing of websites and automatic search for gaps in applied security means. The effects of operation of the solution are concise reports indicating where repair activities should be undertaken to protect the business against hazards.

Web Vulnerability Scanner allows to, among other things:

  • deep scanning with concurrently minimised index of false alarms due to the AcuSensor technology, combining blackbox methods with information from sensors placed in the code,
  • advanced tests for Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL injection,
  • verification of the security level of password protected forms and areas,
  • very fast, deep scanning of even thousands of pages, with no risk of interruption in their operation.

Acunetix Network Security Scanner – basic functions

The scanner developed by Acunetix allows to conduct a comprehensive audit of organisation network system, providing knowledge regarding potential problems and weaknesses. Obtaining this information allows companies and institutions to react properly and mitigate the risk of sensitive data leak.

Network Security Scanner allows to, among other things:

  • detection of 35 000 types of potential weaknesses,
  • scanning and detection of weak points in the operating systems, server software, network services and applied protocols,
  • estimation of the level of security of used network devices (routers, switches, firewall),
  • detection of Trojans, rootkits and other types of malware,
  • testing strength of passwords introduced in various network areas,
  • possibility of verification of the security level at any day or night time.

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