AcunetixFor many years, ESKOM has cooperated with Acunetix, a recognised producer of solutions for the security of Internet applications, websites, networks and other IT resources of enterprises and institutions.

The chief products by Acunetix are Web Vulnerability Scanner and Network Security Scanner, tools allowing webpage and application scanning focusing on exposure to hacker attacks and other forms of cybercrime.

Acunetix solutions – webpage and application scanning

Providing security of organisations’ Internet activity has been the mission of Acunetix since the company was established (since 2004). It is now estimated that hacking based on applications constitutes nearly 75% of all hacking attacks as enterprises and institutions often neglect to check their security levels regularly.

Similarly, about 70% of websites have security gaps. If a hacking attack is successful, the lack of proper protection may result in stealing confidential data of key significance to the enterprise’s activity, for example information on contractors and clients, account numbers, etc.

Developed and constantly refined Acunetix technologies which are the basis for Web Vulnerability Scanner and Network Security Scanner help avoid such unpleasant situations. Both scanners allow the user to perform an audit of website and application security to evaluate the vulnerability to potential attacks, which gives the organisations the opportunity to take preventive steps.

The high recognition and popularity of Acunetix solutions can be proved by a long and constantly expanding list of entities which use the scanners. Among others, these include popular corporations (i.e. Sony, ING, Nokia, Orange) and large government and military agencies (e.g. the U.S. Air Force, NASA, NSA and NATO).

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