Action Plan development and implementation in Critical Situations

This is a service for enterprises or institutions interested in minimising aftermaths of potential critical situations occurring during their IT infrastructure operation. Experienced ESKOM specialists can extensively prepare your enterprise for the fastest possible recovery of key business processes, thanks to which the implementation of the action plans developed beforehand will significantly help reduce stoppage time and, in turn, minimise costs resulting from it.

Quick full system recovery

Action plans are developed so as to avoid often chaotic and frantic looking for a solution if a crisis occurs and immediately start gradually implementing the optimal solution plan prepared beforehand instead. Action plan development is always preceded by a risk analysis concerning your enterprise, which serves to determine the situations where action plan is worth compiling and situations where other measures should be applied. The prepared plans are subsequently tested. The tests may provide information for further action plan testing. Periodical repetition and modification of such testing guarantee the maximal security level of a given enterprise’s IT environment.

The service includes the following components:

  • risk analysis concerning the Client’s organisation,
  • compilation of conduct instructions for the organisation depending on risk analysis results,
  • compilation of general action plans for critical situations (low occurrence probability – high damage potential),
  • compilation of detailed conduct procedures,
  • execution of tests for the prepared plans,
  • documentation update based on the carried out tests.


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