Hosting and Cloud Services

IT infrastructure is part and parcel of virtually every business, but buying and maintaining it generates high costs. IT services are based on a calculating cloud have the advantage over services based on the traditional IT infrastructure as they enable the organizations to increase flexibility and efficiency of key business processes with simultaneous reducing IT infrastructure operating costs. Therefore, more and more enterprises are deciding to host IT infrastructure. What will the migration of your enterprise to a cloud look like?

In ESKOM, we need 6 simple steps to do it:

The service startup process

IT infrastructure audit

IT infrastructure audit

We will need you to determine the size and scale of your infrastructure and specify how you use it. To that end, our specialists will send you a questionnaire.

Hosting offer drafting

Hosting offer drafting

On the basis of the analysis of IT infrastructure usage, we will draft an offer adapted to the actual needs of your enterprise.

Process preparation

Process preparation

To provide maximum efficiency and continuity of your business, we will prepare a timetable and plan of data migration-related work.

Data migration

Data migration

After you accept the plan, we will start data migration. We can migrate the testing environment or – if you wish to save time – migrate the production environment right away.

Environment stabilisation

Environment stabilisation

After environment migration, we will stabilise it. Our well-skilled team of engineers, providing support 24/7, will ensure your business continuity and data safety.



After environment migration and stabilisation, we will send you a monthly capacity report and a SLA report. Do you need non-standard data? No problem! Let us know and we will adapt the reports to your needs.

How long does such process take?

The entire process, depending on the size of a given environment takes approximately 1 – 2 months’ time.

We keep your data absolutely secure:

  • we conclude a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with every single client,
  • when data is entrusted, we conclude a data processing entrusting agreement, that is compliant with RODO provisions,
  • we hold valid certificates of the Integrated System of quality control and safety of information as per PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27011:2013 standards.

Why is our hosting worth your while?

You shall plan get your budget planned

Using cloud, you are charged constant and recurring payments, which facilitates you in planning your budget.

You make savings on hardware

You do not have to worry about maintenance and recurring hardware replacement – ESKOM shall provide you with required infrastructure of leading producers.

You shall receive support

Your key systems shall be monitored steadily, 24 hours a day. If any problems arise, you shall be able to avail of expert assistance.

You shall get your data secured

Data backup, firewall, 24/7 monitoring and certification – all these guarantee security of your data.

You shall save space

You do not need to keep a server room – thanks to this you shall also skip the costs of any associated infrastructure, e.g. air conditioning and power supply.

You shall enjoy a tailor-made offer

Local partners are more flexible than corporations. Avail of the ESKOM offer, which is tailor-made to the real needs of your esteemed company and enjoy the freedom of action.

Why is our hosting worth your while?

Server rooms
  • Secure and reliable TIER 3+ server rooms
  • Located in Poland
  • Based on Enterprise class solutions of a selection of partners
    Assistance provided by our engineers

Assistance provided by our engineers
  • 24/7/365 Assistance
  • ISO 9001, ISO 27001



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