Workstation cloud backup – BaaS

Workstation cloud backup is a service dedicated for enterprises and institutions searching for a completely safe, flexible and cost-optimal way to protect the data compiled within the final devices. Using the possibilities offered by the cloud, ESKOM is in position to provide a perfectly functional backup system in the Baas (Backup as a Service) model, where data protection and recovery stands on the highest technological level and the employed standards (of encryption among others) fulfil the current legal prerequisites entirely.

Workstation cloud backup – BaaS model design

As is the case with other BaaS solutions, the decision to use work station cloud backup means that you do not have to invest in infrastructure, software or engineering team expansion anymore – these are resources made available by ESKOM. Your enterprise pays only for the ability to use them and the costs do not exceed 1 PLN per 1 GB monthly. Additionally, our engineers can conduct a demonstration in the Proof of Concept form before you make any binding decisions. Therefore, you get the full picture of how data protection will look like, so – for instance – how each backup copy is created and stored and how data recovery is performed.


Infrastructure base and employed technology

The infrastructure base of the cloud backup offered by ESKOM is first and foremost our own data centre. A functional, round-the-clock supervised server room is the system centre with two independent and fast Internet connections. Apart from the connection diversification, the infrastructure operational continuity is maintained with an emergency power supply system (i.e. external generator).

Processes related to backup copies making are conducted with the technologies developed by the HPE company – a many-year ESKOM partner. The HPE Connected Backup solution is a corporate-class tool fully adapted to operating stationary and mobile (e.g. laptops and desktops) final devices. Copy creation and migration happen online without interference in users’ work and employed data deduplication allows you to save valuable HDD space and consequently reduce backup costs. Among others, the HPE Connected Backup technology is currently responsible for the protection of 300,000 Hewlett-Packard Enterprise employees’ data throughout the entire world.

Cloud as a data protection space – available features

Work station cloud backup implemented by ESKOM offers a range of features significant from the point of view of maintaining continuity of the processes critical to conducted business activity.

These include:

  • automatic (or manual) backup – configurable by the user and the administrator,
  • differential/incremental backup – built-in HPE Connected Backup mechanisms,
  • file versioning,
  • compression and encryption of files before sending,
  • schedule setting – by the user or the administrator,
  • folder or file filtering – set by the user or the administrator,
  • data searching and recovery – available through a backup agent or a website,
  • MS Outlook mail backup – *.pst and *.ost files, etc.,
  • system image (.vhd),
  • MAC system backup,
  • ensured online access to files – via a website (recovery from any place),
  • event log – server logs for the administrator,
  • proxy settings – possible on the server side.

Developed based on materials made available by HPE.


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