Workstation backup

backup workstationBackup of workstations is a comprehensive set of solutions designed for organisations aware of significance of data created by them, who expect the highest possible standard of protection, especially for the terminal devices operating in the corporate network.

The experience and engineering skills of the ESKOM team allow to meet all contemporary expectations in this scope, implementing backup of workstations at the client’s site corresponding to their needs, properly selecting available hardware options, software as well as processes (data recover, deduplication, etc.).

Workstation backup – available options and system elements

The backup of workstations designed and implemented by ESKOM is a system built based on hardware options selected depending on the Client’s infrastructural needs as well as verified software leading on the market in the given field. The competences of the company’s team in work with selected solutions is confirmed by the long-term partnership status with manufacturers (such as HPE, CommVault), guaranteeing the highest level of works connected with implementation and further server maintenance.

The groups of solutions within the scope of workstation backup cover, among other things:

  • terminal device backup – software dedicated to enterprises and institutions using devices and solutions operating as remote (laptop, remote desktop, etc.). This allows to increase security (confidentiality) of work due to, inter alia, encryption of data, and the backup copy created using it allows for efficient data recovery in case of failure of the given device. Creating backup copies and their migration do not interrupt work and the functions of data management and configurable reporting allow for full control over the backup processes. The offered solutions are fully adjusted to operation in the cloud and hybrid environment.
  • disk backup with deduplication – fully scalable hardware and software options in the highest standard. Deduplication makes the amount of data necessary to ensure safety of work even 20 times lower than in case of traditional backup copies. The selected solutions can deduplicate data even already before they are sent to the backup sever, effectively reducing the amount of information transmitted through the network, including the Internet, allowing to perform backup also in case of slow connections and to minimise the costs of backup through the Internet or WAN connection.

Estimated costs connected with backup building and maintenance

The backup system delivered by ESKOM is always developed and implemented based on individual needs and requirements of the Client. There is, however, a certain set of factors common for any organisation, determining the estimated costs connected with implementation and maintenance of the system. These are:

  • costs of applied hardware solutions – including, but not limited to, backup servers, disk arrays, hard disks, etc.,
  • software licence – number of necessary licence days for backup support,
  • backup infrastructure maintenance costs – power consumption, server room space management, hardware cooling,
  • telecommunication related expenses – providing proper connections and Internet access in case of remote terminal devices,
  • costs connected with works of IT specialists in implementation and maintenance of the backup system.

In addition to this, there are many factors essential from the point of view of proper service level. An essential component is, among other things, the data deduplication factor in the context of data transmission through the network lings and in the context of data occupancy on the disks. On the other hand, use of cheap software without deduplication on the workstation can even fully preclude backup of mobile stations via the Internet.