Symfonia – virtualisation

Symfonia software virtualisation is an ESKOM service dedicated both to partners implementing Sage solutions and to enterprises and institutions using the system in their everyday operation, having at their disposal or intending to purchase their own IT infrastructure for the purposes of Symfonia system implementation. The service is a combination of ESKOM team expertise in creating virtualised environments based on recognised solutions (e.g. Vmware or Microsoft Hyper-V) and experience in implementing Sage Symfonia software, arising from many years of partnership with Sage.

The ESKOM-implemented virtualisation of Symfonia systems, aiding enterprise management (ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning) will considerably improve the accessibility of your business key applications, which will start to continually operate round the clock.

ESKOM has successfully conducted the virtualisation of critical environments based on Symfonia systems even for the installations covering over 100 users.

Benefits arising from business-critical systems operating in virtualised infrastructure are as follows:

  • application availability improvement – in case of failures in system components or planned maintenance works through stoppage time minimisation,
  • use optimisation of IT resources available in the organisation – Symfonia operation will be allocated the exact amount of space/processing power that is needed at the time, maintaining the guarantee of required resource availability priority,
  • improved flexibility – ease of virtual eco-system modification will enable you to keep pace with changing business requirements more effortlessly,
  • effective cost management – individual virtual machines may be switched on and off depending on the current needs, which saves energy and helps reduce expenses on maintenance and upkeep.

The Symfonia virtualisation is complemented with IT services allowing data processing protection while working with the system and enabling full supervision over the system operation and its users’ work. ESKOM engineers can design and implement a proper backup system as well as IT monitoring allowing complex analysis and control of the Symfonia working environment.


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