SpamTitan software

SpamTitan-partnerESKOM has had many years of success in implementation of the SpamTitan solution considered the leading antispam filter on the market, providing effective protection against unwanted and often harmful contents from the web for organisations. This solution provides also very good antiphishing protection and scans correspondence in search of infections (antivirus).

In addition to supply and implementation of the software, ESKOM offers also IT services based on the SpamTitan technology, i.e. antispam protection in a service model. (Antispam-as-a-Service).

SpamTitan as an anti-spam program

SpamTitan is a market leader in the field of spam blocking – as proved by multiple independent comparative tests and trade awards granted to manufacturers. Its implementation means that 99.9% of unwanted content will reach the inboxes of the protected company or institution – it will be stopped by the antispam filter. In practice, this means saving time and protection against potential problems resulting from opening spam mail by users of electronic correspondence.

Antispam, anti-phishing filter, antivirus – solution functions

The basic functions and capabilities offered by SpamTitan upon implementation in the IT environment of the organisation can be summarised as follows:

  • antispam protection – effective blocking of various types of content (graphics, links to harmful websites, etc.), exposing companies and institutions to web hazards,
  • antiphishing program – counteracting possible phishing of crucial corporate data,
  • antivirus – protection against mail opening of which would expose the system to infection – there are two independently working antivirus engines working on this (Kaspersky and Clam AV),
  • simplified management and configuration – easy and configurable interface, allowing the mail users to provide continuous protection with minimal time,
  • multiple options and settings – advanced users and system administrators can apply virtually any setting of principles for incoming and outgoing mail,
  • full reporting – allows to estimate and analyse correspondence activity in real time and create detailed configurable reports regarding undertaken activities.

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Developed based on materials made available by SpamTitan.