SpamTitan-partnerESKOM possesses experience in implementing technology of the SpamTitan company, a producer of antispam software and similar products for protecting the enterprise’s e-mail and other forms of network communication employed nowadays.

Apart from providing and implementing the SpamTitan signature technology combining antivirus, antispam or antiphishing software, ESKOM offers you a range of specialist services fit for the needs and specificity of your business activity (Antispam-as-a-Service).

SpamTitan – antispam filter and antiphishing protection

SpamTitan, starting from its establishment in 2006, focuses on developing technologies for protecting e-mail against receiving unwanted and potentially dangerous correspondence. Strong and reliable antispam and antiphishing protection of e-mail servers can effectively protect IT resources of your organisation against frequently unpleasant consequences of spam reception (viruses, trojans, etc.). The engineers forming and developing SpamTitan do their best to combine protection efficiency (and optimisation of its cost as a consequence) with ease of configuration and operation by the final user.

At present, spam blocking by means of the SpamTitan solution is used in over 100 countries worldwide. In everyday practice, this antispam filter is employed by, for example, private enterprises in various fields, education market entities and local and government administration.

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Developed based on materials made available by SpamTitan.