Partnership Program

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We are pleased to inform you of that on 13.01.2017 we activated ESKOM Partnership Programme. This way, we wanted to show our appreciation for persons, which recommend our services. Now, in effect of this co-operation programme, every single contract signed by us with a client, which is recommended by our partner, results in payment out by ESKOM of a remuneration to the person making recommendation. If contract relates to the provision by ESKOM of permanent services, then, such remuneration is paid out on a monthly basis – throughout the entire period for which a given contract with client is valid! 

Our partner can earn any given amount of money, which depends on a given number of clients recommended, as well as on the value of contracts concluded between ESKOM and client. Detailed terms of co-operation are set individually with each partner. Contrary to many other complicated partnership programmes – our partners do not have to exactly know ESKOM’s offer. What is sufficient, is for a given person making a recommendation, to contact us with a potential client or to tell us of its needs, and our commercial representatives together with the person making the recommendation, shall tailor an offer, which shall subsequently be presented to the client.

ESKOM Partnership Programme is directed to both, natural persons, as well as legal persons. The accession to the programme means minimum formalities – it’s easiest to contact Łukasz Wiśniewski - the programme coordinator.

Start even today earning by recommending our services!