Oracle confirms ESKOM’s partnership status

We kindly inform, that by virtue of our partnership with Oracle company, we have obtained the right to sell products of „Oracle Cloud and Oracle 1-Click Technology”. This partnership shall not just let us distribute the company’s products and services, but also take part in the organized by Oracle specialist training courses. For our customers this means further continuous growth of the quality of services as provided by ESKOM.

oracle silver partner

Oracle is an American company with its corporate seat in w Redwood City, in the State of California, acting on the market since 1977. It provides its services to some 430 thousand customers, in as many as 175 countries. It is engaged in developing software for companies, in particular, data base management systems. Oracle is no. 2 in the world (after Microsoft) when it comes to sales of software (in terms of earned revenue). This position is enjoyed by the company, among others, due to developing software for Linux needs.

Thanks to the partnership with Oracle company, ESKOM is in a position to provide to its customers, among others, the following products and services:

  • Database Appliance
  • Business Intelligence Standard Edition One
  • Internet Developer Suite
  • Database Standard Edition 2
  • Oracle Database Personal Edition
  • WebCenter Capture
  • WebLogic Server Standard Edition
  • MySQL Standard Edition Subscription
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition Subscription
  • MySQL Standard Edition Perpetual
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition Perpetual
  • Oracle Linux Support
  • Oracle VM Support