Monitoring of Symphony application

SAGE-partnerThe monitoring of the Symphony application is a service targeted to those entities, which make use in the everyday business practice of this valuable software supporting management of, among others, corporate resources, as well as things in connection with its finances and accounting.

No matter what version of that system company uses, ESKOM is able to implement, both, rapidly, and effectively, the monitoring of the Symphony application, as a result of which, the client can be sure that the devices used by him at his work are stable performers, and in case of any undesirable occurrences, everything shall return to the optimal state of affairs as soon as possible.

IT Monitoring for the needs of the Symphony application

IT monitoring is one of the specialities of ESKOM engineers, which during the course of a dozen or so years used to develop it and implement it to suit the needs of numerous customers. Besides its experience in constructing and maintaining systems of that type, ESKOM is also credited with in-depth knowledge of the Symphony application, which confirms its partnership status with the producer, the Sage company.

Combining these competencies together, ESKOM is capable of successfully implementing Symphony’s IT monitoring, thanks to which one of the key solutions in support of client’s corporate organisation remains under constant scrutiny of specialists, and any anomaly of operation noticed, results in an automatic prompt message being sent, which reduces to a bare minimum time needed for resolving a possible problem.

Symphony application monitoring in technical aspect

While implementing the monitoring of Symphony application for customer needs, ESKOM always takes into consideration individual factors, such as the specifics of customer’s activity, a given version of Sage solution that company applies, or else environment-specific parameters, which are to be covered by IT monitoring. The Symphony itself may be monitored in the aspect of backend services, which are i.a. being the engine of Symphony Pervasive data bases, the common objects server (Forte Server) and that of hardware keys (HDkey). There can also be followed the Sage communicator or else the SQL server parameters. In practice, the engineers operating the monitoring, control numerous environmental parameters, such as activation status, licence use, server logs or critical error messages.


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