Microsoft Office 365

Office-365Office 365 is a service offered by Microsoft which, meeting the modern requirements and challenges before organisations, enables them to use the advantages included in the cloud solutions as compared to traditional infrastructure and software.

Since this point popular and recognised applications such as MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint become available from any place, at any time and regardless of the type of used device. Corporate documents can be created and processed with much higher dose of flexibility than the previous ones, with concurrent decrease in costs connected with maintaining the office.

Office 365 – corporate cloud office

Increasing trends connected with the use of mobile devices in everyday business practice require access and possibility of document edition by users regardless of their whereabouts. Office 365 provides the members using its infrastructure with such a possibility, regardless of the fact if they use PC. Mac computers or any mobile devices operating based on Android, IOS or Windows system.

Each file created with the use of Office 365 tools can be stored in a cloud provided by Microsoft, which allows for its easy sharing with users, their groups or other persons outside the enterprise. It not only makes document management more flexible, but also facilitates work with them as well as eliminates the necessity to invest one’s own disk space in the scope of traditional infrastructure.

At the same time, work with Office 365 does not require the necessity of permanent access to the Internet, even though, due to obvious aspects, the number of functions available offline is limited. Most of all, the automated file synchronisation between the cloud and user’s device results in the fact that he can always be sure that the currently edited file version is the most up-to-date.

Continuously available and fully secure cloud

Technological solutions included in Office 365 also help to better organise and facilitate work of groups during preparation and performance of particular projects. The access management is performed with a user-friendly interface and calendars and organisers are a handy tool for assigning and defining the speed of task performance by particular persons.

Work with Office 365 is also more comfortable since employees using the service do not need to worry with mattes connected with current updating or configuration settings. All is performed without their participation and Microsoft engineers constantly ensure that the service is available. Security and comfort of work is best confirmed by the fact that since Office 365 service has been launched, the coefficient of service availability time was never below 99.95 percent.

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Developed based on materials made available by Microsoft.