Mailing service management

Mailing service management is a service developed for companies and institutions looking for complex support for issues connected with this form of communication which allows for smooth and immediate delivery and receipt of postal mail. ESKOM can effectively configure user accounts, monitor post servers (MS Exchange, sendmail and other), maintain the highest accessibility of systems and protect users against spam and loss of important data.

Efficient and secure e-mail

Communication via e-mail must meet a series of conditions if it is to become the most effective tool for contact both inside and outside the organisation. ESKOM can look after all mail service in a manner which ensures the highest standards, including the care of correspondence and system security. ESKOM engineers focus on elimination of recurring and malicious spam as well as support the process of e-mail backup, concurrently protecting data against accidental deletion or other forms of data loss.

The activities of the engineering team performed as for mailing service management include the following:

  • mail server administration (MS Exchange, sendmail, etc.),
  • user access administration,
  • mailbox administration,
  • address book administration,
  • software updates according to manufacturers’ recommendations,
  • antispam and antivirus filter update,
  • mailing service reconfiguration according to the Client’s expectations,
  • mailing service activity monitoring,
  • browsing events in logs.


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