IT solutions for insurances

Rozwiązania informatyczne dla branży ubezpieczeniowejIntegrator of IT solutions for the insurance industry

The ESKOM company is an integrator of IT solutions specializing in the insurance industry. The ESKOM employees have extensive experience in completing projects in many insurance companies, both on behalf of the provider and the client. This experience concerns areas connected with improvement of business processes, technology, and other aspects in IT, telecommunication, and safety. People working in the ESKOM company oversaw budgets in insurance companies in the scope of IT, telecommunication, and safety.


Support areas covered by ESKOM concern the areas of consulting and performance of implementation projects, development of software, completion of deliveries and infrastructural projects.

IT Consulting

  • consultancy in budget control in the scope of IT, telecommunication, and safety,
  • review of development strategies of corporations and determination of business conditions for new IT systems,
  • review of IT environment and determination of technical conditions for new IT systems,
  • support of the offer choosing process – working out criteria for choosing a provider and system, help with assessment of offers and systems, keeping the documentation of work of tender committee,
  • help with determining the goals of IT projects,
  • help with launching IT projects,
  • help with preparing a plan and schedule of choosing a provider for IT projects
  • help in the scope of managing an undertaken project (e.g. organization of project steering committee meetings, operational planning of project works, supervising project works and their coordination, managing the provider and fulfilment of his contractual obligations etc.),
  • help with working out target business processes in business areas,
  • preparing a request for proposal,
  • help with preparing a long and short list of IT systems/providers,
  • support in the scope of working out the content of a contract with a provider, negotiating contract provisions,
  • help in the scope of ensuring the quality of implementation works,
  • managing and running a project office,
  • post-implementation review of a project,
  • audit of IT systems, safety audit, audit of software production process, penetration tests of web applications,
  • performance tests and performance tuning of systems
  • audit of purchase processes in the IT area

Software development

  • management of IT projects and consultancy concerning preparation and completion of IT projects connected with software development,
  • business and system analyses for creating specification of requirements for building/implementing IT systems or additional modules for already existing systems,
  • creating dedicated software, development and maintenance of already existing systems, particularly of software for the insurance industry,
  • lease and recruitment of members of project teams specializing in development and implementation of software for the insurance industry.
  • organizing production processes based on the DevOps concept, with tool support

Infrastructural and safety solutions

  • delivering and implementing infrastructural solutions
  • delivering and implementing IT infrastructure management systems
  • integration of IT and telecommunication solutions