IT office equipment management

pdfIkonaThe service of IT office equipment management offered by ESKOM is to provide the Client’s organisation with constant and professional supervision over devices that are used on everyday basis in a company or institution. This will ensure work without interruptions and unnecessary standstills that sometimes happen in daily office practice. In result, staff can focus solely on completion of tasks assigned to them, which significantly enhances their effectiveness.

Comprehensive supervision over office equipment

Engineers specialised in work with devices coming from different providers constantly supervise their smooth operation as well as ensure that the service contracts are renewed on time. The Client’s organisation does not need to be concerned with work standstills caused by shortage of consumables or looking for new equipment while organising new job positions.

Activities performed in the scope of this IT service:

  • management of film and slide projectors,
  • TV equipment management,
  • office printers management,
  • management of consumables for devices,
  • Xerox machine management,
  • fax machine management,
  • contacting solution providers,
  • management of device service contracts,
  • reporting on level of device use.