Intel technology provider gold 2018ESKOM is a partner of Intel – a global giant in production of computer subassemblies. The GOLD partnership level means that during delivery or implementation of solutions based on Intel’s technological solution, the Clients can be sure that they are dealing with specialists who apply the highest engineering standards in their work.

Intel as a technological partner

Intel belongs to a narrow group of global leaders manufacturing integrated circuits, known commonly for production of processors installed in personal computers, both stationary and portable. The name of the corporation comes from Integrated Electronics, a company incorporated in 1968, whose microprocessor was used at the beginning of the 80’s by IBM to build the PC. Along with increasing popularities of personal computers, new generations of processors, with increasing computational capacity, were created.

In addition to the processors, Intel manufactures such subassemblies as motherboards and chipsets for them, flash type memories, graphic cards, network equipment as well as mass memory management systems. The headquarters of the company is located in Santa Clara, California, and the number of its employees has already exceeded 100 000 persons. With its annual revenue reaching tens of millions dollars, Intel belongs to the group of most recognisable brands in the world. In the annual prestigious list prepared by Interbrand, it took the 14th spot in 2016.

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Developed based on materials made available by Intel.