Implementation of Information Safety Policy

Within this service, experienced ESKOM specialist engineers work out a coherent and efficient set of conduct rules and procedures aimed at system security improvement and, in turn, protection of important data and information stored or processed in your organisation’s IT infrastructure. The implementation is preceded by a careful identification of current safety measures and type of the enterprise’s activity.

Clear and Efficient Data Protection Rules

Information security policy is practically an indispensable component of the protection of data significant from the point of view of the company’s or institution’s activity and security of information protected by law. Clear and precise rules of storing and processing this type of data considerably decreases the risk of their loss or unauthorised use by third parties.

Implementation of information safety policy covers the following:

  • Current security level analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Information safety policy compilation
  • Supervision over information safety policy implementation
  • Determination of investment costs of information safety

The most recommended by us manner of work is connection of implementation of the Information Safety Policy with the GDPR audit. Simultaneous performance of two services offered by us allow to obtain the entirety of the documentation compliant with the applicable provisions and standards/good practices and allowing stable functioning of the Organisation.


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