IBM-Business-PartnerESKOM is a partner of IBM (International Business Machines), one of the world leaders in creating and improving IT technologies in such fields as computer systems, software, network solutions and mass storages.

ESKOM has much experience i expertise in working with IBM signature infrastructure and technologies, particularly with IT solutions significant for conducting and developing business activity – the Informix database environment and servers of the Power Systems family.

IBM is one of the oldest IT concerns in the world (it has been operating for over 100 years) and is popularly called “Big Blue”. It has offices in more than 170 countries and its annual revenue usually exceed 100 billion dollars. Nowadays, apart from providing hardware and software, the company focuses on consulting activity. Moreover, IBM ranks among the best players in the IT field when it comes to innovation – the number of awarded patents for solutions developed by the company amounts to thousands every year.

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Developed based on materials made available by IBM.