Huawei-logoESKOM is a partner of Huawei Enterprise Business Group, one of the three main divisions of the Chinese Huawei concern. The unit was established in 2011 and marked the beginning of the official entrance of that producer in the market of enterprises.

The main tasks of Huawei Enterprise BG are for example sales of products, services and services tailored for enterprises, organisation of marketing activity and planning, designing and checking new solutions of high competitiveness and quality.

The Huawei Enterprise BG’s portfolio consists of the following:

  • the broadest range of ICT solutions
  • rich portfolio of server and matrix solutions
  • comprehensive cloud platforms

Currently, Huawei Enterprise BG is a significant player in the global market, which constantly sets new trends and directions.

The full catalogue of products along with example applications can be found at the website

Developed based on materials made available by Huawei.