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Kompleksowy audyt IT - PDFHPE is currently the world leader in server sales. According to the data recently published by the independent International Data Corporation (IDC), HPE servers are used by 26.9% of the global market. It means that every fourth server bought by clients all around the world has been produced by HPE.

Undoubtedly, HPE owes its leader position on the global market to the development of HPE ProLiant servers - market analysts noted a considerable increase in demand for these in the US. Their next generation - Gen9 - features the combination of immensely significant factors when it comes to servers, i.e. high performance, increased recording density and improved working time with simultaneous reduction of energy consumption.

HPE Blade System - ProLiant BL

Serwer-HP-ProLiant-BL---ESKOMHPE Blade System solutions are compact HPE servers which were optimised for faster implementation and operation of even highly demanding IT or virtualisation processes. Their unquestionable merit is the mass storage adjusting its operational size to the current load, which results in the reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

HPE servers are builtbased on Gen9 technology and operate on Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 chips, which increase performance even by 70% compared to previous solutions, and new storage units allow better flow capacity (from 14 to 33%) compared to the competition with simultaneous reduction in energy consumption. Resource management is carried out with one platform, which facilitates IT service rendition and boosts business efficiency.

Rack servers - HPE ProLiant DL

Serwery-HP-Proliant-DLHPE ProLiant DL, utterly versatile rack servers, create infrastructure providing balanced operational effectiveness and capacity along with ease of management. Servers of this family are available in a wide selection, which helps select the best computing power for estimated load variable.

It is accompanied with better optimisation of power in relation to power consumption compared to the competition, which places HPE servers on the preference position when it comes to maintenance costs. Moreover, suitable design saves valuable space. The implementation of HPE ProLiant DL rack servers will result in a reliable and safe infrastructure, improvement of IT personnel performance and - consequently - increase in reaction time to any new business needs.

Tower servers - HPE ProLiant ML

Serwer-HP-ProLiant-ML350-Gen9---ESKOMHPE ProLiant ML tower servers, fully ready for expansion, is a great choice for enterprises thinking about future development of their business activity and remotely controlled or field branches of a given organisation. These solutions can fully rise to the expectations, growing as time passes by, through the possibility to increase computing power and capacity and simultaneously optimise energy and space consumption if necessary.

Integrated, operable pack of resource management makes the investment in HPE ProLiant ML tower servers a great method to boost your enterprise's business performance through, for instance, branch or IT personnel efficiency improvement or service implementation time reduction. Moreover, tower servers and their specificity results in your enterprise sustaining costs only in time of increase in its IT real needs (i.e. space, power), usually when your business expands its activity.

HPE ProLiant Moonshot servers

Wkład-serwerowy-HP-ProLiant-Moonshot---ESKOMHPE ProLiant Moonshot servers make up an innovative solution in architecture efficiency and scalability. Its breakthrough character results from the fact that HPE Moonshot systems will always be able to provide exactly as much computing power or capacity that is needed by your enterprise in each moment. If a conducted project surprises your team with how much operational capacity it requires, the infrastructure parameters may be increased immediately - adding or replacing server systems occurs in real time (the so-called "hot-plug" solution).

The effects of implementing HPE Moonshot are, among other things, application performance optimisation (the best solution for a given, current event) and improved cost-effectiveness - ease of management along with better space use in data centres.

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Developed based on materials made available by HPE.