HPE Data Protector


Kompleksowy audyt IT - PDFThe HPE Data Protector solution is a set of tools for the management, automation and optimisation of processes connected with maintaining operational continuity of your organisation, such as backup, archiving and recovery of data from disk or tape media.

The use of module, fully scalable architecture makes this technology perfectly fit for both small and middle as well as large and widespread organisations.

HPE Data Protector implementations performed by ESKOM as a partner of HPE to our Clients result in the improvement of IT infrastructure reliability and simultaneous simplification and reduction of operation costs concerning processes related to data protection. At present, this technology is used in over 20 thousand enterprises and institutions, nearly half of which ranks in Fortune 500.

HPE Data Protector integrates well with the HPE Data Protector Management and HPE Backup Navigator solutions. The former offers advanced functions connected with IT service, device and operation management and monitoring in the protected environments. The latter, on the other hand, is a tool intended for detailed reporting and consequently effective predicting of your future needs in data and work safety.

HPE Data Protector - basic features and benefits

The HPE Data Protector software offers a range of features for optimisation and reduction of backup and archiving system operational costs and boosting these systems reliabilities at the same time.

The possibilities and benefits of the software implementation are as follows:

  • ease of management - operation with one, central platform allowing full automation and control of backup copy formation processes and data replication and migration to disks or tapes (archiving),
  • improved performance - among others, thanks to options allowing parallel recording and reading of data from many media at the same time. The supported deduplication technology helps to decrease disk space consumption multiple times and enhance data flow speed,
  • versatility - heterogeneity is not a problem anymore as HPE Data Protector cooperates well with software solutions and infrastructure provided by different enterprises,
  • faster data recovery - in-built mechanisms make it possible to restore the previous state in seconds,
  • virtualisation support - software supports all most significant virtualised environments (including VMware and Hyper-V) without any problems,
  • full scalability - the number of disk agents is not limited, thanks to which the solution is ready for every possible server infrastructure expansion.


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Developed based on materials made available by HPE.