FortinetESKOM implements the solutions of Fortinet, the world leader in the protection of networks and other infrastructure components. ESKOM specialists have high, many-year experience in working with products created by this American provider, including firewall systems of the FortiGate family. When implemented in your organisation, they fully protect your IT resources (e.g. operating within VPN) against adverse events thanks to efficient integration of many functions (i.e. antivirus, antispam or hacking attack and data leakage prevention).

Fortinet – network security and threat management

Fortinet is an international corporation holding the leading position in creating UTM (Unified Thread Management) systems, which improve enterprises’ security of work and reduce their expenditure at the same time. Operational cost optimisation is possible thanks to the integration of different technological solutions (e.g. protection against viruses and spam) into one complex system ensuring full network, application and database protection.

The level of trust in Fortinet signature products may best be illustrated by the fact that it used by more than 100 thousand enterprises worldwide. These include: Nintendo, Harley-Davidson, Nissan or Ashland / Valvoline.

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Developed based on materials made available by Fortinet.

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