ESKOM is awarded Red Hat Rising Star

Red Hat Rising Star is the first award of this type to be granted to the selected Red Hat Partners for the entire cooperation and activities performed so far. The awarding ceremony was held on 14 November 2017 in Villa Foksal, Warsaw, during a meeting of Red Hat Partners.


Red Hat is an international company, the world leader in open source solutions for business. ESKOM has been implementing and working on solutions offered by Red Hat for years, which can be best proven by its Red Hat Premier Business Partner status, held only by 4 companies in Poland. We are delighted that our commitment, competence and the fact that we have created  a department dedicated to Red Hat solutions have been acknowledged and appreciated. We will work on further tightening of our cooperation and improvement in our competence because we believe that thanks to our work in tandem with Red Hat we can address the business needs of our clients better by offering better prices and a wider range of services and products.

We encourage you to watch a coverage of the Red Hat Partners’ event. It might be that you spot Sebastian Niklewicz and Piotr Zakrzewski in the video, who were awarded the diploma and represented our company.