Cloud 28+

Cloud-28ESKOM joined to the group of partners in the industrial initiative Cloud28+, a portal developed under the auspices of HPE which gathers competent and experiences providers of cloud services. Cloud28+ consists mainly of European entities, creating a catalogue of verified IT service providers which use cloud environments. ESKOM has been providing these services for many years, e.g. in the field of data protection/back-up.

Cloud28+ – catalogue of trusted cloud providers

Cloud28+ is a society which focuses carefully selected companies from the IT sector (service providers, intermediaries, software developers), created in response to increasing organisations’ demand for cloud services and used to, for example, interchange information and experiences as well as create to create the base trustworthy entities which can successfully implement particular solutions needed in business or public institutions.

The need to create such a catalogue is connected with the market specifics as the cloud service providers can successfully provide particular solutions on beneficial terms, despite at times long geographical distance. ESKOM seated in Warsaw is able to perform tasks ordered in Paris with the same effectiveness as a local service provider and it would not be a problem for us to also cooperate with some companies seated, e.g. in London, at the performance of any project.