AGS-logoESKOM is a partner and the Polish representative of AGS (Advanced Global Systems Ltd.), the producer of advanced software for effective management of the IBM Informix database environment – Server Studio TM. The partnership allows ESKOM to sell its licences and provide installation-and-configuration services.

AGS is a company known for creating and developing solutions serving organisations as means of managing their databases. The technologies developed by the company are principally to provide enterprises or agencies with higher security of their critical infrastructure applications. This is possible thanks to the use of solutions (software) which help develop, implement manage and maintain database applications without cost-generating stoppages in operation.

Currently there are thousands of enterprises employing AGS solutions. These have successfully been implemented in fields like banking and finance, insurances, telecommunications, retail trading and in public administration. It has to be stressed that some of these enterprises rank in the prestigious American Global 500 list.

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